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Welcome to newCalgaret group. We wish you a happy, pleasant and wonderful day. We are the people with energy and enthusiasm researching alternative renewable green energy sources involve with new energy projects, wind, solar and micro hydro power. We are your partner to success in ENERGY projects. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or inquires you may have.

Wind Energy has becoming the main stream of renewable energy because of its cost to produce. A newly designed wind turbine situated at a good site can generate electricity at under 5 cents per KWh. After decades of research and development wind turbine generators are now quieter, safer, cheaper and more efficient

Calgaret can help you with engineering, planning, managing or financing your wind farm project.

If we can collect full one hour of solar energy, it will be enough to supply the whole human society for one full year. The problem is collecting it and store it.

Photo voltaic panels promised us eternally free electricity under the tranquility of bright and quiet sun light. As researches progress, we sure will be there some day.

But for now, we focus only on applications where grid power is not available or too expensive to bring in.

Hydro power is green and environmentally clean. It is the dam that causes environment problem. China's Three Gorge Dam is the prime example. It caused disastrous earth quake; destroyed habitat for the world's only remaining fresh water river dolphin; changed weather pattern along the river; etc.

Our micro hydro turbine requires no dam and can generate electricity in any small running stream to provide precious electricity for villages. There are lots of villages in South East Asia that are forgotten, neglected and ignored by the giant commercial power companies.
They have no electricity!
They are human, too. They deserve the modern civilization. Our micro hydro turbine is designed specifically for those application hoping to bring them electricity allowing them to operate radio, watch TV, charge mobile phones or even computer and communication device. While they keeping their tradition, they can keep in touch with modern civilization as well.

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