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Clean Environment
Clean environment & oil can co-exist in harmony
Welcome to Calgaret Energy!

We believes in clean environment. However, traditional fossil energy is inevitable.
Our goal is to make both co-exist and in harmony.

As China evolving into the manufacturing center of the world, energy equipments are no exception. More and more world renowned oil drilling and processing equipments are silently moved to be build in China. Calgaret Energy, the pioneer in oil drilling equipment and member of the China petroleum national standard committee, took advantage of this transplant situation. As a result we are able to offer world famous brand drilling equipments from China to the world with Chinese price tag.

Drilling Field Our capacities:
  • Custom build rigs for your specific application under the budget you wish with the quality you expect and the features you love.
  • Custom configure your rigs to your desire.
  • Help you evaluate your drilling project
  • Supply drilling crews
  • Refinery evaluate, design and construction
  • Pipeline valuate, design and construction
  • Drilling Equipments, components & Supplies
Drilling Field Product Information:

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